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History - Tampa Bay Florida Chapter

The Tampa Bay Chapter started as an interest group in 2007 by seven of Tampa's Black professionals from various industries; Sammecia Bagley, Benjamin James, Chante' Jones, Max Oligario, Raymond Sweet and Jessica Weston, who saw the need for a meeting place organization for Black MBA's in the Tampa Bay area. Within several months the membership grew rapidly, which deemed the group to be awarded Interim Chapter status at the 2008 National Conference and Expo in Orlando, Florida. Since then, the chapter has continued to grow membership, create partnerships and strengthen its local presence in the community.

The Tampa Bay Chapter contributes its success to delivering programs that touch upon the 5 main channels for the National Black MBA Association; Education, Entrepreneurship, Career, Leadership and Lifestyle. The Chapter has done this by implementing of bi-monthly "learnshops"; where members are able to obtain information on a variety of topics; such as writing a business plan, marketing the business, minority certifications, branding and many more. Through the executives board’s community presence, distinguished speakers have shared their knowledge and experience with the chapter. These speakers have included executives of Fortune 500 companies, leading black entrepreneurs, and local business professionals recognized in widely read publications such as Black Enterprise Magazine.

The National Black MBA Association, Inc. (NBMBAA) is a non-profit organization of minority MBAs, business professionals, entrepreneurs and MBA students. With thousands of members world-wide working in both private and public sectors, we share a commitment to education and business—the two principal keys to the economic development of the Black community.

Our geographical diversity is strong, encompassing 44 chapters in the United States and members at-large in Africa, Europe, Asia/Pacific and Latin America.

Empowering Visionaries

NBMBAA represents the most powerful network of individuals and partners dedicated to increasing corporate diversity, access to capital and intellectual advancement. We provide access to knowledge and success through our five channels of engagement: education, career, leadership, entrepreneurship and lifestyle.

Whether you are currently a student, newly-minted MBA, seasoned executive or high-achieving entrepreneur, we invite you to join and claim the advantages of one extraordinary membership!


MBAs between the ages of 31-40 comprise 53% of our membership -- demonstrating the professional strength and maturity of our constituency. MBAs between the ages of 26-30 comprise 21% of the membership.

Thirty percent of the NBMBAA members work in business administration and advertising/marketing management positions while 26% work in the manufacturing and financial services industries.

Today, 17% of our members enjoy household incomes between $50,000-$75,000; 34% between $75,000-$100,000; and 21% over $100,000.

NBMBAA membership has increased 300% since 1980 -- an average annual rate of 15%. Current membership totals over 6,000!

The NBMBAA has grown to include 40 chapters in major cities nationwide.

The NBMBAA Annual Conference & Exposition has experienced phenomenal growth -- from 150 conference participants in 1980 to over 14,000 participants and over 400 Fortune 1000 Corporate Partners!